We offer two different programs for adoptive families.  We offer a pre-certification program and a post-certification program. 

At Simpson Law Firm, there is no flat fee for services.  It is our belief that one fee does not fit all.  We charge on an hourly basis and provide only the services that you desire.

Informational and resource conference:  This is an extensive conference wherein we will sit down with you and provide you with information and resources in the following areas:            

  • Adoption overview
  • Applicable laws
  • Types of adoptions and the process involved
  • Open vs. closed adoptions
  • Various birthparent situations
  • Expectations of birthparents, risks and how to avoid scams
  • Explanation of the laws, process and requirements for  home studies
  • Differences in agency vs. attorney adoptions
  • Advice for determining whether to choose an attorney or agency
  • Resources on financial assistance
  • Explanation of law regarding educational requirements (foster care or international)
  • Other topics (ICWA, ICPC, post adoption agreements)

Assistance with building your profile:  If you do not yet have a profile, we will have you fill out a questionnaire, evaluate and discuss your questionnaire, provide you with a sample profile,  offer advice on how to build your profile, and provide edits of your profile.  If you already have a profile, we will provide edits and make additional suggestions.

Budget Planning:  We will sit down with you and review your budget and develop a plan that works for you. 

The following services are provided in our post-certification program:

Assistance with finding a birthmother
Coordination with the attorney representing the birthmother throughout the course of the proceedings. 
Prepare required paperwork throughout the process
Interstate compact processing
Coordinate and preparation of documents for your home study agency for preparation of the adoption study and any necessary post placement reports
Finalization process:  Filing of Petition and motions necessary for your adoption hearing and finalization